Our Statement of Values


Treat everyone, regardless of job, status, race or position, with kindness and dignity.
Maintain professional personal appearance and demeanor.
Introduce self, address others by name with all interactions.
Make eye contact, display personal warmth.
Listen actively and speak collegially without profanity.
Protect confidentiality.


Be solution-oriented, focusing on process improvement, not personal blame.
Focus on the big picture.
Lead by example as a servant/leader.
Accept responsibility for problems.
Make decisions efficiently.
Communicate effectively, clearly, honestly, consistently and often.
Publicly praise, privately criticize.


Be there for each other when things get tough.
Focus on the relationship to our co-workers and to Oaklawn, rather than the individual issue.
Be trustworthy. Walk the walk, talk the talk.
Assume the best motives from others, not the worsst.


Produce work that is thorough, accurate and timely.
Strive to exceed expectations.
Make decisions based on evidence.
Be up-to-date in your practices.
Consider the safety of yourself and others in everything you do.


Act with honesty...always.
Hold each other accountable to do what's right.
Make decisions based on the highest ethical standards.


Be inclusive--seek input and advice from others, be open to what others have to say.
Be friendly, helpful, pleasant and cooperative.
Volunteer to help--don't make someone ask.
Ask for help if no one thinks to offer--they're busy, too.
Be accessible and available, mentoring those around you.
Create an environment where questions can be asked and mistakes admitted.
Work toward team recognition, not individual recognition.
Be supportive in empowering everyone to make changes that are best for the team.


Regularly share and examine how culture affects your thinking.
Listen and ask questions to learn about other people and cultures.
Seek to understand why and how different cultures approach the same task differently.
Consider information from each culture to arrive at a path to your goal.
Provide culturally sensitive patient care.


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