"I liked the friendly staff. They were very perceptive." Patient from Battle Creek
"Everyone listened and helped in any way they could"
"The locations are close to home. The people were very nice and I was able to resolve the majority of my pain"
"There is a very caring staff. I greatly improved with the care I received"

The staff was very well organized and good with people. They know their field well.- patient from Albion

The overall experience was warm and inviting. The staff was friendly and very helpful.- patient from Albion

I had a very positive experience. I felt the therapist's were very educated and very helpful. The staff was very caring.- patient from Albion

I did not think I would be able to walk right again, but with their help I am walking better than before.- patient from Albion

The staff was very courtious and good at their jobs. I benefitted very much from their expert instruction, wisdom, understanding and knowledge.- patient from Albion

Physical Rehab

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