Patients have shared wonderful stories with us about the care they experience at Oaklawn. We’re honored to share a few of them with you - with senders’ permission of course.

To Oaklawn Medical Group-Endocrinology,  
I'm writing this letter of appreciation to Trish and Tonya for the time and effort that they put into helping with the process of getting my prescription issues resolved with my insurance company.  I know that they put several hours into this on top of their demanding schedules.  I know this was not an easy task because of the amount of time that I spent trying to get the issue resolved.  But without their help I am not sure I could have accomplished it.  This shows that they are devoted to their profession and care about their patients.        
    - Julie

Dozens of belated roses to Oaklawn Hospital in Marshall, their ER, Dr. Walbridge and staff for the first-class care and treatment I received after my accident back in December and thousands more roses to Dr.Daniel Garcia, Troy and his staff for their miracle work one more time. We are blessed to have doctors and staff with such high qualifications and ability. 
    - Scharlynn Sims   

"A big bouquet of roses to the ER and staff, plus the hospital doctors and nurses who have cared for me the last four or five months at Oaklawn Hospital. I really appreciated all your help and support to get me back on my feet. I'm so grateful to all special staff who assisted me. Thank you so much to all staff on second and third floors."
     - Beverly Bennett

Just a note to thank you all for your help and guidance while I was at rehab.  When I first started I was frightened and was not sure Rehab would really help my situation.  How wrong I was.  The classes were very informative and eased my anxiety.  The physical workout helped me regain my strength and stamina.  Equally important was all of you, every day I was greeted with a friendly hello and a smile.  You made rehab a destination where you went to be with friends enjoying news from others, all along working out to better yourself.  I am sorry I am unable to continue due to our vacation, but you have given me the tools and confidence to use while I am away.  We are very lucky to have you here to help us get our lives back.  Thank you so much!    
    -Paula Stadtfeld

To Sharice, R.N., and the entire rapid response team at Oaklawn Hospital. Had you not responded so quickly, our daughter may not be alive. We are very thankful that you all were so well prepared. You're an amazing group of people. It was really impressive to see such awesome teamwork. It's so comforting to know that there are such confident and caring health-care workers available. 
    -James and Gladys Seedorf

A very special thank you goes out to Beth for all the great care you gave our father, Captain Jack Shepard. We would not have been able to do what you did. Pam, thank you for all your support in our time of need. To everyone a special thank you from the family of "Captain" Jack Shepard.
   -Tom and Dawn Taft, Teresa and Brian Layman, Jocie McIntire, Julia Ousley  

"...Bunches and bunches of roses to the entire staff at Oaklawn Hospital. I am very happy that we have such a great hospital here in Marshall. My week stay was the best ever. Everyone was so nice and caring. I thank you all for making it so nice..."
    -Ric Hill, Marshall

In the last six weeks, I have twice had occasion, as a patient, to visit the hospital and wanted to tell you how positive both of my experiences were. The human touches are never lacking there, but the hospital seems to have achieved a level of efficiency that approaches that of an assembly line. What an anazingly effective combination of well trained, efficient, and competent people all doing their jobs so very well, no matter what the time of day.  When I fell and cracked a bone in my hand, my trip through the emergency room was just about as quick and seamless as it could possibly be. When I later had an outpatient procedure, my whole experience couldn't have been This was all done exactly on time and with no delays, and I was able to leave as soon as possible afterwards. In short, I couldn't have asked for more.  I could not help but notice that, as a sign of the times we live in, the hospital has had to give greater attention to security matters. The world has changed a bit since we were all kids, and not always for the better, I'm sorry to say. I'm glad the hospital has kept up with those needs, too.
   -Doug Webb

"Just a small token to 'Thank You' to all the Doctors, Nurses, and Staff for the care I received for my recent hip surgery. A 'special thank you' to Dr. Thomas, Dr. Byrens, Troy, Ken and ALL the nurses in the Joint Camp. Those cheerful smiles and warm, friendly attitudes helped so much to get me past the pain and discomfort. Your care was A+! You should be very proud of what you do."
     -Laura Johnston 


From the Oaklawn Hospital Facebook page

"I live less than two miles from Bronson Battle Creek, and if I have the choice between hospitals, it's Oaklawn with no hesitation. They have literally saved my life twice in the ER. My thanks are not enough but I am eternally grateful." -William H.

"My husband and I have nothing but praise for the Oaklawn Birth Center staff. We live in Northern Virginia and were on our way to West Michigan to visit family when I went into pre-term labor. We delivered a healthy baby girl and could not have been more pleased with the care we received! The entire staff made us feel at home and relieved a lot of the stress that comes with having your first child (let alone a 'premie')." - Sarah G.


Oaklawn’s patients and their families are always welcomed to provide us with their comments and feedback about their experiences here.  We also have an opportunity to hear their comments through our ongoing patient satisfaction survey, which is conducted independently by Arbor Associates.    

Did the staff help you to feel less nervous, worried, or frightened? (if yes) what did the staff do to help you?  

“They explained what was going on. If I had any questions they answered them. They were very professional. They gave me a homey, caring feeling.” Therapeutic patient, April 2009  

“They were very kind, very sweet ladies. Their personalities were wonderful. I don't care who you were; they treated all people the same.”  Therapeutic patient, April 2009  

“I had a couple emergency situations with my baby. The nurses went above and beyond. One nurse that was monitoring my baby came over to me and wiped my tears. I was vrey emotional and they were so caring. Being a nurse, myself, I had questions. They didn't lie to me. They were truthful with the good and the bad.”  Obstetrics patient, April 2009  

“They talked to me throughout my labor. They gave good suggestions about nursing. They were friendly. They carried on nice conversations with me and made me feel comfortable and at ease.”  Obstetrics patient, April 2009   

"They know my son is severely autistic so they know that it takes two techs to work with him. They were very gentle with him and they kept him calm.  Diagnostics patient, April  2009  

"They talked at my level and I knew many of them from this being a small town and from previous visits. It felt like going home."  Emergency patient, April 2009

"The staff answered my questions when I had them. The nurses were never in a hurry and they conveyed the attitude that they were always available if I needed anything."  MedSurg patient, April 2009

"They thoroughly explained. They seemed to just know if I didn't fully understand. They went over it again.  Med/Surg patient, February 2009


Thinking of this experience, would you say that overall your care and treatment were better than expected, as expected, or worse than expected? (if better than expected) what made your care and treatment better than expected?  

“I had some problems with the Medicare issue.  Instead of making me run from one department to another, the technician helped me deal with it."  Diagnostics patient, April 2009  

“They were fast and considerate. I was in a wheelchair and they took care of me right away.” Diagnostics patient, April 2009 

"I liked the hometown feeling. They were caring."  Emergency patient, April 2009

“The atmosphere and the overall care from the doctors and nurses. We live two hours away but chose to come there because of a previous experience.”  Obstetrics patient, April 2009  

“I never once had one bad person. Even though I might ask the same questions, they didn't get upset. They were patient with me.”  Med/Surg patient, April 2009  

“Everyone did a great job. I was there back in November for surgery. I had good care then and that is why I chose to go back there this time for this surgery.”  Med/Surg patient, April 2009  


Other than what we have already discussed, do you have any additional comments regarding this or any experience at Oaklawn Hospital.  

“We don't live in Marshall but we choose to go to Oaklawn for emergency care because we expect to get good treatment and we do. Even with our drive to that hospital, the wait time in this hospital compared to others is phenomenal. Other hospitals we have waited two hours in the waiting room and we don't ever wait that long at Oaklawn. In the pas we have had great care. That is what we expected this time, and they did that.”  Emergency patient, April 2009  

“A few years ago I went through the Joint Camp with my knees, and I could not have asked for anything better. I was very pleased with the care that I received.”  Diagnostics patient, April 2009  

“I have been there several times with my husband, who is now deceased, and he always had excellent care. I had colon surgery done there and I always feel very safe going there.” Therapeutic patient, April 2009  

“I think Oaklawn Hospital is an excellent hospital and I have nothing but praise for them."  Homecare patient, September 2008 


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