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Our Evidence Based Practice Council is an important structure in our efforts to sustain practice based on current research. Our focus is continuous improvement and providing resources for direct care. We have conducted studies on several topics and have published some of the results. We strive to assist staff nurses to pursue their burning clinical questions, and to develop strong skills in surveying the literature to base their practice on the evidence. We also maintain several databases and other resources on our desktop so all clinicians have ready access to research findings at all times. Additionally, we support journal clubs on our clinical nursing units. We are also actively engaged with regional and national professional nursing organizations around evidence based practice and nursing research and work with our partners in several colleges of nursing on research opportunities.

All of the research projects that are implemented at Oaklawn are approved through an Institutional Review Board (IRB). This helps assure all of our subjects’ rights are protected. As always, the health, privacy, and well-being of our patients are paramount in all we do.

Our Evidence Based Practice Council coordinates this work. The council is chaired by a staff nurse, has representation from multiple units, and is administratively supported by the Director of Professional Practice and Education. If you are interested in more information you may contact Kathy Walsh at or 269-789-3927.

Publications from Nursing Research conducted at Oaklawn Hospital:

Effect of Preoperative Forced-Air Warming on Postoperative Temperature and Postanesthesia Care Unit Length of Stay Sondra Fettes, Mary Mulvaine, Elaine Van Doren

AORN Journal. 2013, 97(3): 323-328

Impact of Pediatric Nurses' Uniforms on Perceptions of Nurse Professionalism Lucia Wocial, PhD, CCNS, Nancy M. Albert, PhD, RN, Sondra Fettes, MSN, RNC, Sara Birch, BSN, RNC, Kate Howey, MS, Jie Na, MS, Kathleen Trochelman, MSN

Pediatric Nursing. 2010, 36(6):320-326


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