Nursing Team

The Nursing Administrative Office is in the Wright Medical Building, lower level.  The Wright Medical Building’s main entrance is at 215 E. Mansion Street.  It is connected to Oaklawn Hospital.  The hospital’s main entrance is 200 N. Madison Street. 

Mail should be addressed to:

Oaklawn Hospital,  200 N. Madison,  Marshall, MI  49068.                                            


Chief Nursing Officer

Kristin Sims, MSN, RNC, NEA-BC

Ph: 269-789-3908

Fax: 269-789-8821


Assistant Chief Nursing Officer

Mary Shoup, MSN, RN, NE-BC

Ph: 269-789-7920

Fax: 269-789-8821


Education and Nursing Practice

Kathy Walsh, MS, RN, NEA-BC

Ph: 269-789-3927

Fax: 269-789-8821


Department Nurse Directors

Sara Birch, BSN, RNC

Birth Center

Ph: 269-789-7921

Fax: 269-789-3878


Jodi Wade, RN, BSN

Medical/Surgical Unit  and Oncology

Ph: 269-789-7923 and/or 269-789-7026

Fax: 269-789-3879


Deborah Smith, RN, BSN

Critical Care Unit  and Endoscopy

Ph: 269-781-4271 ext. 7927 and/ or 3380

Fax: 269-789-8119


Kimberly Campbell, BSN, RN, CDE, CEN

Emergency Department

Ph: 269-789-7922

Fax: 269-781-4893


Todd Mulvaine, RN, BSN

Surgical Department

Ph: 269-789-8810

Fax: 269-789-8816


Lori Poirier, BSN, RN

In-patient Psychological Services

Ph: 269-789-3809

Fax: 269-789-3860


Program Director of Chronic Care

Donna Young, RN

Homecare Services, Hospice and Oaklawn Wound Center

Ph:  269-789-3939

Fax 269-789-1120


Program Director of Behavioral Health

Lisa Leininger, Psy.D

Inpatient Psychiatric Services, Outpatient Psychiatric Services and Partial Hospitalization Program

Ph: 269-789-3475 or  269-789-5140

Fax: 269-789-7872


Coordinator Nursing Administration and Ancillary Services

Bonnie Edwards

Nursing Administration and Ancillary Services

Ph:  269-789-3908

Fax:  269-789-8821


Clinical Coordinators

Koby Aylor, BSN, RN, CHPN


Ph: 269-789-3939 ext. 3231

Fax: 269-789-4297


Cari Gray, BSN, RNC

Birth Center

Ph: 269-789-8984

Fax: 269-789-3878


Beth Green, RN, CEN

Emergency Department

Ph: 269-789-3916 ext. 7043

Fax: 269-781-4893


Jeff Hanks, BSN, RN CRNI, VA-BC

Surgical Services

Ph: 269-789-4351

Fax: 269-789-8816


Carolle Hicks,RN, HCSD, COS-C


Ph: 269-789-3939 ext. 3194

Fax: 269-781-1120


Margaret "Peggy" Hurst, BSN, RN, CWOCN

Wound Center

Ph: 269-789-4905

Fax: 269-789-7955


Irene Johnston, BSN, RN

Medical/Surgical Unit

Ph: 269-789-7928

Fax: 269-789-3863


Christine Siebert, BSN, RN-BC

Educational Services

Ph: 269-789-8132



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