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Orientation:  When you join the nursing staff at Oaklawn Hospital you will experience an orientation to the organization, to nursing services, and to your specific unit and responsibilities. You also will be assigned a primary preceptor. We strive to have you and your preceptor on similar schedules during your orientation. The preceptors have both initial training as well as ongoing refresher workshops to assist them in their ability to teach orientees. They are chosen for both their clinical strength as nurses and aptitude for teaching. Your time in orientation will depend on your previous experience as a nurse and will be tailored to your needs as a learner. We provide new graduate nurses with extra support over an extended period of time, recognizing that the transition to practice is a gradual process.

We use Patricia Benner’s Novice to Expert theory as a basis for our orientation and staff development. Benner studied how nurses acquire practical wisdom based on their experiences over periods of time.

Ongoing Support:
  Your Nursing Director and preceptor will provide you with feedback during your orientation and as you transition from orientation to your role.  You will find that a variety of experienced nurse co-workers will assist and support you as you learn and adapt to your nursing role here.  There are many tools available to assist you in your development as well, including evidence-based search engines on every computer desktop.  After you have worked here for two-to-three months you will meet one-on-one with a member of nursing administration to discuss your experiences and unique perspectives, and to explore if your needs are being met.

Continuing Education:
  Oaklawn Hospital incorporates opportunities for continuing education into our environment.  This includes on site computer-based learning (CBL’s) via NetLearning, in-service opportunities, and we send many nurses each year to off-site conferences and workshops.  We budget tuition support for nurses to complete their BSN and/or MSN and we actively encourage every nurse to continue their nursing education.

Professional Certification:
 It is our hope that all nurses become certified in their area of specialty and we provide support for that process.  We budget for certification related costs.  We believe that nursing certification contributes to and validates knowledge, inspires confidence, and is a seal of nursing excellence.  

  We have many tools on our desktop to enhance access to important information for your nursing practice and we continue to add to them.  Our intranet also has resources for nurses on a wide variety of topics such as scope of practice, ethics, newsletters, and archived Power Points.


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