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Oaklawn's Emergency Department is focused on serving patients efficiently and compassionately, whether diagnosing, treating, admitting or transporting to another medical facility. Our goal is always to reduce patient wait times as much as possible, while still treating the most serious injuries and illnesses first. 

The Emergency Department staff skillfully cared for more than 20,000 patients in 2008. To meet the growing community need, we expanded the Emergency Department in 2006 with five new beds, a new nurse's station, new triage area, family conference room and more. 

Physicians certified in emergency medicine staff Oaklawn Hospital’s Emergency Department. The nursing support RNs are certified in adult and pediatric advanced life support, and many hold national certifications in emergency and trauma nursing. All of our regular nursing and clerk staff are also certified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in emergency preparedness. 

The Emergency Department at Oaklawn Hospital is meant to provide treatment for sudden, extreme, or unstable illnesses or accidents. It cannot take the place of regular care from a family doctor or medical specialist. However, it can help you get through those times when your pain breaks through or you experience severe illness, an accident, or some other critical event. 

Oaklawn’s Emergency Department is not designed to provide these services: 

  • Diagnose long-term problems and provide a treatment plan;
  • Do extensive lab tests or imaging studies;
  • Provide a prescription for more than a few days of medication.

These things are important – but they need to be done by your longer-term health care team not by the Emergency Department. That's why following up is so vital to your well being. 

For patients who do not have a primary care or family physician, Oaklawn Hospital will provide referrals based on your needs and those of your families. We also offer a patient assistance program in completing necessary paperwork for those without insurance. 

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