AFHC: Albion Family Health Center
MIFM: Marshall Internal & Family Medicine                                         Maps and addresses of the locations
WDC: Women's Diagnostic Center                                                               are listed at bottom of page.    


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Blood Tests

Albion Family Health Center

Hospital Lab

MIFM, Oaklawn Medical Group

Tekonsha, Oaklawn Medical Group

Beadle Lake, Oaklawn Medical Group


Hospital Lab



 Beadle Lake

(517) 630-0009
(269) 789-3914 

(269) 781-6600 

(517) 767-4068

(269) 962-0441

CAT Scan Hospital Radiology Radiology  (269) 789-3917
DEXA Scan  Olivet, Oaklawn Medical Group

WDC (Ricketson Medical Building)

(269) 749-2131

(269) 789-8982
Echocardiagram Hospital Cardiology/Pulmonology Registration  (269) 789-7936
EKG Hospital Cardiology/Pulmonology Registration     (269) 789-7936
Exercise EKG Stress Test Hospital Cardiology/Pulmonology Registration (269) 789-7936
Holter Monitor Hospital Cardiology/Pulmonology Registration (269) 789-7936
Lexiscan EKG Stress Test Hospital Cardiology Radiology (269) 789-3917
Mammography  WDC (Ricketson Medical Building) WDC  (269) 789-8982 
MRI Hospital Radiology Radiology (269) 789-3917
Myoview EKG Stress Test Hospital Radiology Radiology (269) 789-3917
Nuclear Medicine Hospital Radiology Radiology  (269) 789-3917 
Outpatient Respiratory Therapy Hospital Cardiology/Pulmonology Registration (269) 789-7936
Oximetry Hospital Cardiology/Pulmonology Registration (269) 789-7936
PET Scan Hospital Radiology Radiology  (269) 789-3917 
Pulmonary Functions Hospital Cardiology/Pulmonology Registration (269) 789-7936
Sleep Tests  Oaklawn Sleep Center Sleep Center (888) 288-0854
Call ahead to comfirm
which location.
Hospital Radiology

WDC (Ricketson Medical Building)

(269) 789-3917

(269) 789-8982 
Vascular Ultrasound Hospital Radiology Radiology  (269) 789-3917 
X-Ray Albion Family Health Center

Hospital Radiology

(517) 630-0070

(269) 789-3917 

Hospital parking:

For tests at the hospital, park in parking structure or use valet parking at 215 E. Mansion. 
For tests at the WDC, use Ricketson Medical Building parking lot next to building (just west of hospital).


Albion Family Health Center
111 Market Place, Albion
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Marshall Internal & Family Medicine, Oaklawn Medical Group
14900 Old U.S. 27 North, Marshall
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Oaklawn Hospital
215 East Mansion, Marshall
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Oaklawn Sleep Center
401 East Michigan Avenue, Marshall
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Olivet, Oaklawn Medical Group
202 North Main, Olivet
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Tekonsha, Oaklawn Medical Group
2218 Old U.S. 27 North, Tekonsha

Beadle Lake, Oaklawn Medical Group
14231 Beadle Lake Rd., Battle Creek, MI

WDC in the Ricketson Medical Building - 103 E. Mansion, Marshall  
[Just west of hospital, across Madison Street.  Parking available next to building.]
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