Valet Parking Service WMB entrance- (269) 789-8995

The valet service is provided from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.  We are located at the main entrance of the Wright Medical Building on 215 E. Mansion Street. 

No tipping, please.

For faster service, call 789-8995.  Please call about 10 minutes before you need your car and we will have it waiting for you at the Wright Medical Building entrance.

For maximum speed and convenience, cars should be retrieved by 4 pm.

To retrieve your car after 4pm: call hospital security, using the white courtesy phone in the lobby, by dialing 9-789-8998. You may also simply lift the receiver and ask the operator for security at x8998. Security personnel will bring your keys as soon as they are able. You will find your car in the valet staging area or on the near side of the 2nd floor of the parking structure.

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