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Oaklawn's inpatient specialists, sometimes referred to as "hospitalists" spend their workdays on the hospital floors, seeing only inpatients. While you are in the hospital, the inpatient specialist will coordinate your medical treatment and inform your personal physician about your condition and care.

Our Inpatient Specialist Service offers many benefits to patients and their families:
  • Since inpatient specialists work exclusively in the hospital, they're capable of seeing inpatients quickly and more often. This allows the hospitalist to more closely monitor patients with serious conditions that may need time-sensitive adjustments.
  • Not having to see office patients most of the day, inpatient specialists generally have greater availability to meet with family members of hospitalized patients.
  • By teaming with an inpatient specialist, personal physicians can be much more available to their patients in the office setting.

Oaklawn's inpatient specialist will make sure your personal physician:

  • is made aware of your admission if he/she did not admit you
  • is updated regarding your condition and treatment
  • is provided with a summary of your hospitalization after you go home
  • is given access to all information from your hospital stay, including lab and other diagnostic tests performed
  • is aware of any follow-up care you need.

Once you are discharged, you will be cared for by your personal physician. If you need a follow-up appointment with a specialist or additional testing, it may be set up before you leave the hospital, but your personal physician will be notified.

You play an important role in your hospital care. We want you to ask questions. Keep a notepad by your bed to write questions you and your family may have. Our inpatient specialist will meet with patients and family members to provide medical information and counseling. The more you and your family know about your illness and treatment, the more you can assist in your own recovery.

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