ED Case Manager

POSITION REQUIREMENTS:  Bachelors Degree in Nursing, Licensed in the state of Michigan. Minimum of 2 years acute hospital nursing experience, demonstrated ability to efficiently and independently manage own time and tasks with minimal supervision, experience in Utilization Management/Case Management and Discharge Planning. Certification in CPUR,CPHQ or CCM; recent experience as an ED Case Manager; recent experience in a supervisory or leadership role; experience in using Case Management software.

POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES: The case manager will establish criteria to evaluate the appropriateness of admission, level of care and readiness for disposition from the ED. Assures timeliness of patients admittance, coordinates care with the treatment team, facilitates patients to home and alternate levels of care. ED Case Manager is responsible for delivering Medicare’s Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) to appropriate ED patients. Works closely with the ED physician to assure appropriate documentation of patient diagnoses.

 SHIFT: Varies, 24 hrs pp, Non-Exempt, Weekends-Possible

Posted - 11/20/12

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