Infection Preventionist

POSITION REQUIREMENTS: Requires current RN license (BSN preferred), or may be a certified Medical Technologist, or hold a degree in Microbiology or Epidemiology.    Must have a minimum of two years of clinical experience in a hospital setting.  Certification in Infection Control (CIC) is preferred, or must complete within five years of being hired.  Computer skills to include Microsoft Excel, Work, PowerPoint and basic statistical knowledge is desired. Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills. 

 POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsible for organizing and directing the activities of the infection control program throughout Oaklawn Hospital including surveillance, infection prevention and control measures, and education for employees.  Conduct focused surveillance for healthcare-associated infections (HAI), detects and records HAIs on a systematic and current basis, analyzed HAIs and prepared reports for the Infection Control Committee.  Initiate epidemiological investigations of significant clusters of infections and single cases of unusual infection.  Report communicable disease as required by regulation.  Make recommendations when problems are identified.  Review and assist with evaluation of hospital policies, procedures and guidelines as they relate to infection control.  Interact with physicians, nurses, department managers, supervisors, and other professional and non-professional staff members as a consultant.  Enter data into the computer systems, prepares reports, conducts analytical studies and summarizes surveillance data.  Make recommendations regarding construction, renovation, environmental rounds, and assures compliance with national and/or professional standards. 

 SPECIAL INFORMATION:  Shift - Part time, 40 hrs pp, First , Weekends - No

Posting Date:  10/2/2012

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