Certified Scrub First Assist or Registered Nurse First Assist



POSITION REQUIREMENTS:  Certified Scrub required, BCLS, or RNFA required ACLS completed first assist program and minimum two years experience.    

 POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES: The CSFA/RNFA is a perioperative certified scrub tech first assist who works in collaboration with the surgeon and health care team members to achieve optimal patient outcomes. The CSFA must have acquired the necessary knowledge, judgment, and skills specific to the expanded role of Certified Scrub/Registered Nurse First Assist clinical practice.  Intraoperatively, the CSFA/RNFA practices at the direction of the surgeon and does not concurrently function as a scrub tech. Using instruments/medical devices, providing exposure, handling and/or cutting tissue, providing hemostasis, and suturing.   



Posted - 10/2/2012

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