Psychiatric Coordinator

POSITION REQUIREMENTS: Licensed MSW or Limited Licensed Psychologist, which is in accordance with the rules, regulations and ethics of the profession.

POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES: The Psychiatric Coordinator has the general responsibility of evaluating and coordinating psychiatric intakes, during their shift, as needed. Face-to-face interviews are conducted in the Emergency Department or on other medical floors, and the Intake Coordinator also processes phone intake referrals.  The responsibilities will entail crisis management, intake and referral for placement of patients within the Psychiatric Programs, case coordination with community referral sources, and utilization review for initial placement of patients. The Coordinator will be a liaison between other hospital departments as a resource for the Psychiatric Department for mental health assessments in the hospital.  The  Coordinator is responsible for recruitment, training and management of the on-call team and coverage schedule, and may have some after-hours call responsibilities.  Applicants should have experience in suicide and risk assessment, crisis management, and evaluation of adult and pediatric psychiatric patients.

SPECIAL INFORMATION:  Shift - 10:30 am to 7:00 pm M - F, Weekends - No 80 hrs pp, Exempt

Posted - 10-29-12


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