Jose Valle, M.D. honored as Oaklawn Physician of the Year

      Jose Valle, M.D.is the recipient of Oaklawn Hospital’s inaugural “Physician of the Year”award.  Dr. Valle is an Internal MedicineSpecialist practicing with Oaklawn Medical Group – Marshall Internal &Family Medicine at 720 Old 27 North in Marshall. 

      The award wasestablished to recognize a physician who has demonstrated their commitment toOaklawn Hospital’s Culture and Values, and to the community.  Physicians are nominated by hospital staff,Medical Staff, or members of the Board of Directors, and must have been amember of Oaklawn’s active medical staff for at least three years.

      Dr. Vallereceived five separate nominations.  Someof the comments made by his nominators include:

- “always gets back to me in a timely manner and keeps meupdated on my and my family’s findings.”

- “sacrifices for his patients whenever the situationwarrants it.”

- “Integrity is one of his greatest strengths;uncompromising in adherence to the ethical foundations of patient care.”

- “Has always treated physicians, nurses, ancillary staff,and administration with the respect they deserve as partners in care.”

- “Cares about his staff and is always willing toincorporate better ideas for staff and patient care.”

- “Very loyal to his patients, always being there for themas a physician and a friend.”

- “Always open to collegial discussions.  Appreciates the input of nurses.”

     Dr. Valle came toMarshall in 1987 when he joined Dr. James Maher at what was then MarshallInternal Medicine.  As the practice grewadditional offices were opened in Olivet and Tekonsha and the name becameMarshall Internal & Family Medicine.In December 2009, the hospital purchased the practice and named itOaklawn Medical Group – Marshall Internal & Family Medicine. 

      Over the yearsDr. Valle has served as the hospital’s Chief of Staff and has been the Chief ofboth Medicine Section and CCU Section.In 2000-2001 he served as Chair of Oaklawn’s Board of Directors and iscurrently the Medical Director of Oaklawn Medical Group, which is ahospital-owned group of primary care and specialist physician practices locatedin eight area communities. 

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