Chemical Bank donates $2500 to Oaklawn Hospital Charity Fund

L-R: Rob Shell, (VP, Commercial Lender), Dan Stulberg (Oaklawn Marketing & Public Relations Director), Deborah Bowers (Oaklawn Patient Financial Services Director), Diane Ramirez (Interim Community Bank President), Becky Vettel (VP, Branch Manager), and Catherine Yates (VP, Commercial Lender).

Oaklawn Hospital has announced receipt of a gift of $2500 from Chemical Bank of Marshall, earmarked for Charity Care. “Hospital’s across the country have experienced steady increases in the demand for charity care the past several years,” said Marketing and Public Relations Director Dan Stulberg. “This is a wonderful expression of charitable giving by Chemical Bank and truly appreciated by Oaklawn.”     

Interim Chemical Bank Community President Diane Ramirez said how pleased the bank was to be able to make this contribution. “Chemical Bank takes great pleasure in donating to community building projects and organizations. Oaklawn provides outstanding health care for all members of the community regardless of their ability to pay. We realize that in today’s economy the need for assistance with medical bills is near record levels and we felt this was a very worthy cause to contribute to.”       

Oaklawn Director of Patient Financial Services Deborah Bowers says, “Oaklawn recognizes the financial challenges that face many of our community members and we have programs in place for those who are unable to afford the cost of their hospital visit.” Free or reduced services are provided to patients with incomes up to 200% of poverty level and are available to both the insured and uninsured. Additional programs exist for the uninsured or underinsured up to 600% of poverty level. “It’s our mission,” said Bowers, “to help patients qualify for all discounts and free services for which they are eligible.” To reach the Patient Financial Services office call (269) 789-7000. Leave a callback number if no one is available when you call.

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