Cardiology Services Expand at Oaklawn Hospital

People living in the greater Marshall community area now have the opportunity to stay close to home for routine care for heart rate irregularities. In collaboration and partnership with the Heart Center for Excellence, whose home office is in Kalamazoo, Oaklawn Hospital is pleased to announce increased hours and specialized services for treatment of cardiac arrhythmias through the office of Heart Center for Excellence-Marshall.

With the addition of X. Ken Liu, M.D., PhD to its Marshall clinical staff, patients can now be screened for electro-physiology (EP) services at the Marshall office. an EP study is a test that records the electrical activity and the electrical pathways of your heart. The test is used to determine the cause of your heart rhythm irregularity, locate the site of origin and the best treatment for you. Dr. Liu joins cardiologists Dr. Ronald Zegerius, Dr. Benjamin Perry, Dr. David Burke, and Dr. Soundos Moualla in Marshall to provide new arrhythmia clinic hours. Previously patients were referred to their Kalamazoo office for this specialized evaluation.

"Oaklawn continuously strives to provide improved care and breadth of services to the patients in our service area," remarked Rob Covert, Oaklawn's president and CEO. "Bringing specialists to Marshall tends to reduce wait time for appointments and is fare more convenient in terms of time and travel."

Working with the patient's personal physician, the cardiologists treat a variety of heart and cardiovascular ailments, as well as adults with congenital heart disease. The Heart Center for Excellence has had a presence in Oaklawn's Wright Medical Building for many years and is now providing daily office hours as follows: Monday (8:30 am-3 pm), Tuesday (8:30 am-3 pm), Wednesday (9 am-3pm), Thursday (9 am-12 pm), Friday (9 am-12 pm). The practice in in suite 3B and the phone number is (269) 789-3020.

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