Request for Support for HCOD

To our Friends throughout Marshall:
Since Oaklawn Hospital's inception more than a century ago, the Marshall community and its healthcare providers have worked as a team, each relying on the other in many ways.

Oaklawn's physicians and staff members often cite our city's historic charm as a reason for coming here. And that charm itself has been sustained because the people who move here know they and their neighbors will have an outstanding quality of life, including access to the best possible medical care.

That relationship always has been linked, the result of an understanding that we're all better off when we work together. Such mutual success can never be taken for granted, especially when everyone's economic future is at stake. Neither Oaklawn nor Marshall can stand still. Without economic growth, we will stagnate. For the sake of our families and their future, the community and its largest employer both must find ways to provide for a secure future. Together, we have a far better chance of success.

Now Oaklawn seeks the community's support of the Hospital Overlay Campus District (HCOD), which will be the focus of deliberations by Marshall's City Council members beginning tonight.

Your involvement in sharing your opinions with our Mayor and City Council members in support of Oaklawn will go a long way toward helping them come to this important decision. A few words sent to City Manager Tom Tarkiewicz at -- with a request to forward your thoughts to the Mayor and Council - can help in this effort.

The plan is the result of a project launched more than two years ago by former Mayor Bruce Smith and formulated by the Hospital and Neighborhood Committee, whose charge was to develop a plan for hospital expansion that could be accepted by both the community and the hospital. 

Oaklawn was asked to provide a 20-year look into the future, to establish an area around the current campus to provide some level of predictability. In the face of an uncertain future in health care, guarantees and declarations of firm intent proved impossible. It was recognized that only a flexible approach would meet the demands of unpredictable scientific, governmental and social changes two decades ahead.

So, Oaklawn put everything on the table that was requested, helping to shape a reasonable, responsible plan we believe will provide that flexibility - and sustain the community's medical needs - within the confined area in the city's center, where people need and expect to find their hospital.

Through considerable thought and compromise a District was designed. To maintain its best advancement opportunities for the future, Oaklawn needs that full district - and the flexibility to potentially expand in various directions within its boundaries. To approve only a portion would remove that flexibility and defeat the purpose of this process.

On behalf of the more than 165,000 patients who called on Oaklawn to be their caregiver last year. On behalf of the 1,004 Oaklawn employees who've dedicated their lives and passion to serving the needs of others.

On behalf of the more than 150 skilled and compassionate Oaklawn physicians who are committed to the needs of their patients . And on behalf of the 210 members of the Oaklawn Hospital Auxiliary who donate their time and energy to serving the needs of our patients and their family members.

We ask for your trust and support in encouraging our Mayor and City Council to approve the Hospital Campus Overlay District as it was designed by the Hospital and Neighborhood Committee. Oaklawn always has served the best interests of its citizens and community. Please join us in continuing this tradition.  

Rob Covert, CEO                Dr. Ginger Williams, President

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