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Oaklawn Birth Center

Phone: (269) 789-3929

We are glad you have chosen our Birth Center for the delivery of your baby. We support family-centered care and we strive to work with you to ensure that your birth experience meets your expectations. Our staff is specially trained to care for laboring, delivering, and postpartum mothers.

Birth Center Brochures & Forms


What to expect at the hospital.

You may feel more calm and prepared for labor if you know what is likely to happen when you get to the Birth Center. Oaklawn has LDRP rooms, which means providing that you have an uncomplicated birth, you may remain in the same room your entire stay.

If you arrive to the Birth Center in labor, you can expect some or all of the following:

  • You blood pressure, pulse, and temperature will be checked.
  • You will be asked about the timing and strength of your contractions and whether your water has broken.
  • You will be placed on the electronic fetal heart rate monitor, which will monitor the baby's heart rate and your contraction pattern.
  • You will have sterile vaginal exams to check whether your cervix is thinning and opening up.
  • You may have an IV inserted.
  • You may be encouraged to walk. Walking helps women feel more comfortable during labor.
  • We have Jacuzzi tubs available to use while in labor.

An average stay at the Birth Center is 24-72 hours. During this stay, we do have visiting policy guidelines. (see Visitor Policy below)

After delivery you can expect the following to happen...

  • At delivery, your baby will receive a vitamin K shot and antibiotic ointment in their eyes.
  • You will need to have a chosen physician to care for your baby after delivery, if you do not we will assign one to you. Click here for more information
  • If you choose, your baby will receive their first Hepatitis B vaccine.
  • At 24 hours your baby will have a blood test called a PKU and Bilirubin.
  • The baby also will have a hearing test.
  • You will receive paperwork to fill out before discharge.
  • Your baby at all times will have our security system placed on them.

Birth Center

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